Nicodemus's Staff was a wooden staffbelonging to Nicodemus, the original leader of the Rats of NIMH.

Description and HistoryEdit

The staff was a simple wooden staff nearly as tall as Nicodemus himself, which the elderly and weakened rat used to walk and stand. Nicodemus was able to summon the staff to him from its resting place in the Throne Room. The Staff was presumably lost in 1982 in the debalce that was the moving of the Brisby House, which also resulted in Nicodemus's death. The staff was not known to possess any Power-related ability, though some suspect it did have some, mostly because it is customary for wizards of Nicodemus's caliber to possess a magical staff.

Differences with the NovelEdit

Nicodemus is not mentioned as having a staff in the original novel; indeed, the book's Nicodemus, being much younger, would not have needed one. Moreover, the book's rodents are not any more bipedal than their natural counterparts, which would make a staff unncessary in any case.